Soulmate Finder

You came to the right place if

  • You are looking for the right partner for a long-term relationship,
  • You are tired of falling in love with the wrong partners,
  • You are ready to attract the right person for the long-term loving and harmonious relationship of your dreams.

But there is one thing that stops you from getting there. Your filter.

Remember the “good advice” your grandma gave you that you never really had any use for? You stuck it to the filter… just in case you might need it one day.

In addition to that, we try to protect ourselves from past mistakes with a filter. We build this filter to easily detect what we don’t want to have happen to us again.

Unfortunately, this filter clogs up after a while and doesn’t keep out what we don’t want. Not only that! A clogged filter attracts exactly those things you don’t want!!!

The longer you let this filter clog, the harder it is to get what you want. The realization of your dreams lays buried under the weight of the old filter.

All the “good advice” from all kinds of people who wanted to save you from the mistakes they made themselves also hangs on your filter. So, „good advice“, terrible experiences and the education we got from watching Hollywood movies and reading fairytales also sticks to your filter. No wonder it clogs even more.

After a while, this filter becomes a magnet.

Having a filter is a good thing, as it acts as a magnet. You just have to recalibrate the filter to attract what you want.

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Just imagine:

  • You could empty the old clogged filter in just one day.
  • You could set the new filter to attract genuine love.
  • You could recognize mistakes and create a new strategy to attract the right partner for life.
  • You find an easy way to the ideal partner.
  • You open all inner doors so that the ideal partner can find you.
  • You are finally standing in front of the ideal partner and you know that you have reached your goal.

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Let your future begin.

Together we will

  • empty the old filter,
  • calibrate the new filter,
  • create a profile of your ideal partnership and your ideal partner.
  • map out a plan how to reach your goals.

This is an investment in your future.
Length of workshop – about 6-8 hours.